Tamara Smith Holtslag Speaks to New Hampshire Bar and Insurance Professionals on Insurance Coverage Issues

At the New Hampshire Bar Association’s recent all-day seminar, “Auto Insurance and Uninsured Motorist Law in New Hampshire,” Partner Tamara Smith Holtslag was one of seven panelists that addressed practitioners and insurance professionals, in-person and via webcast. Attorney Smith’s portion of the program focused on an insurer’s duty to defend; the nuances of the tripartite relationship between the insurer, the insured and defense counsel; and declinations of coverage under automobile and other types of insurance policies. She also highlighted for the attendees common insurance coverage issues that arise when multiple insurers are implicated in a loss, including varying coverage defenses, priority of coverage issues, other insurance clauses and cost-sharing arrangements. In addition, Attorney Smith discussed the procedural and substantive implications of declaratory judgment actions over coverage in the state and federal courts of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, including the similarities and differences between the jurisdictions and their respective courts.