For 125 years in 2024, our firm has been a place where many people spend their entire career. Our size, stability and longevity have consistently attracted excellent attorneys, as well as challenging and interesting work.

Tight-Knit & Collaborative

We offer an environment where our lawyers and staff know one another well – even across generations of attorneys. From our most senior statesmen to our younger attorneys, our collaborative nature results in top-notch and timely service to our clients, many of which are long-term clients of the firm.

Learn, Grow, Succeed

Peabody & Arnold is a place where up-and-coming lawyers can learn, grow and succeed. Our mentoring program includes dedicated in-house training for associates in different practice areas. Associates work closely with partners and clients, and have opportunities to gain hands-on experience, including vital trial experience. We encourage our associates to be leaders in the profession by writing and speaking on issues germane to their practice areas and through leadership positions in the legal community.

While our firm may be one of the oldest firms in Boston, we strive to deliver legal services with a modern approach. We invest in technologies and other modalities in keeping with our clients’ needs, in order to provide efficient, timely and expert advice to our clients every day.

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