Susan Cohen Interviewed on “Discovering the Law”

Peabody & Arnold Partner Susan E. Cohen was interviewed by Lucinda Rivera concerning legal malpractice claims and defenses on “Discovering the Law” Boston Community Public Access Television live and replay broadcasts. “Discovering the Law” is “an educational public access television program, with the purpose of educating and informing the public about the law…The program is conducted through a series of interviews of prominent legal figures.”

Ms. Cohen handles professional liability defense matters and also acts as an arbitrator and mediator for other parties’ disputes. Ms. Cohen explained how disappointed clients come to assert legal malpractice claims against attorneys, the types of claims commonly asserted, the requirements and difficulties in proving out a legal malpractice claim and typical claim defenses.

The interview was broadcast live and replayed extensively to Boston, Cambridge and Brookline cable television and also posted to BNN, VIMEO, YouTube and

Peabody & Arnold is a proud sponsor of Boston Community Access Television and “Discovering the Law.”