Employment Law & Litigation Attorneys Publish Article On Employer Use of Big Data

The use of big data by employers in recruitment, hiring, employee assessment, benefits management, and other areas has become increasingly common in today’s tech-driven human resources marketplace. Despite its widespread use, there is very little case law or statutory guidance for employers seeking to understand the legal implications of their use of big data.

In Busting the Black Box: Big Data, Employment, and Privacy, Attorneys Rebecca Wilson, Kiley Belliveau, and Leigh Ellen Gray offer a timely and important guide for employers navigating these challenges.  The article explains how employers are using big data, highlights the possible benefits and potential legal implications, and offers concrete steps for employers seeking to minimize the risks associated with using big data in the workplace.

The article appears this month in a special edition of Defense Counsel Journal, a publication of the International Association of Defense Counsel (“IADC”), a peer-reviewed, invitation-only organization of corporate and defense attorneys.  Attorney Wilson, who co-authored the article, is a member of the IADC and formerly served on its Board of Directors and as the Chair of its Employment Law Committee.

The full article is available here: http://www.iadclaw.org/publications-news/defensecounseljournal/busting-the-black-box-big-data-employment-and-privacy.