Expert Witnesses and The Sunshine Act – What Does the Future Hold?

Massachusetts Appeals Court Holds General Contractor’s Schedule Compression Bars Enforcement of No Damages for Delay Clause

Cyber Scams are Not Computer Fraud under Commercial Crime Insurance

Client Indemnification Agreements—Look Before You Leap

Massachusetts Collection Procedure: Recent Decisions of Interest to Collectors

Mass Business Litigation Session Ups the Ante for Insurers Assessing Coverage

Rule 26 Requires Disclosure of Patient Medical Records As “Facts and Data Considered”

Do Your Drug–Free Workplace Policies Pass Muster

Data Security Assessments: Are You Prepared For A Breach?

Insurer Not Liable for Pre-Tender Defense Costs

First Circuit Upholds Protection For Insurers in Massachusetts: Demand Letters Do Not Trigger a Duty to Defend

Amendments to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure

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